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- N.A.Blagoveshenskiy Tchetvertnoe law, Moscow, 1899 Chapter VI Odnodvorcheskie surnames. Unique information about surnames of Kursk! (in Russian)

My dear relatives! Let me say so. The collected documents allow us to say with a significant confidence that if any we are not relatives we, at least, have ancestors who have got surname Pan'kov (Pankov) at the beginning of 17 century before or well after occupying of Dikoe Pole (area between central Russia and Nothern Caucasus and Crimea) by Sluzhilye people (If you read Russian, you can find more about Sluzhilye people and Dikoe Pole). 10 families with our surname was initially registered in Danskaya (Donskaya) village of Zolotuhino region (Kursk oblast) in 1682. By the way, a very few people had surnames before cancelling of the serfdom in Russia!

On the world geographical map you can find the name of Aleutian Major Sergey Pan'kov. Most likely, Sergey Pan'kov was talented Aleutian who takes surname of the navigator Pan'kov. But Aleutians took surnames of people who have deserved confidence and respect beside them. Till now there is not information about origin of the Pan'kov Land (region of the NOVAYA ZEMLYA). But in general the history keeps silent about Pan'kovs - "stars of the first value". In majority Pan'kovs were and remain people who create the history by its talent and honored labour, not requiring big titles and awards. Sluzhilye people, starovery - keepers of Russian traditions, middle-class peasants, cossacks, engineers, scientist, athletes... We have a matter to be proud of!

The idea of this site was born many years ago, in my sunny childhood. That time my family were lived in Kuzminki, straight opposite a real moscow village, where we (without knowledge of parents) went to stove potatoes on a campfire... Once upon a time my father's friend Alexander Osnach, big bibliophile and fan of history and old things, has presented me a small book named "Sea map tells", where Pan'kov Cape and Pan'kov Rock at a far-off Aleutian islands were mentionned. Giving me the gift Osnach said that when I grow up, probably, I will investigate the history of my surname on geographical map.

Геологический факультет МГУ Крым 1982Being a student of the Geological Department of Moscow State University (MSU named by Lomonosov), in 1982 I desided to approach the recovery of my ancestors history. Regrettably, necessary literature was accessible in archive of the soviet fleet only, but it was not simple to get there at that "communism" years. My parents have not saved a contact with our distant relatives, who have also moved in Moscow from Kursk oblast. Daydream to visit Zolotuhinskiy region of Kursk oblast (whence my grandparent has arrived in Moscow) also remained the daydream - a studying and geological practic almost did not leave a time for a serious research. In Perestroyka times I dared to write a letter to Aleutian islands addressed to a Mayor of Dutch-Harbor. I believe the Mayor has not got this letter as well as many other letters from the USSR do not reach American addresses...

Many years from time to time I returned to information retrieval about Pan'kovs family and history of the Russian America. But the breakthrough happened only when the worldwide web became available to our citizen.

First pages with fragments of my genealogy appeared on the net in 1996. Probably, that time I had no thought that my modest labour will become interesting to so many people. But since 2004 I began to get letters. First time it was very rare. These letters contain requests to learn about Pankovs genealogy or just express of support. After each letter I honestly combed the Internet and added all my findings related to Pankov surname to the page. Gradually, letters changed into a creek and then into a small river. I began to get the fragments of family trees, documents, photographies. Megabytes of founded publications were accumalated. Regardless of work (that practically does not give a chance for a free time), I have understood that I am simply obliged to create a real site of our surname.

I was really surprised that there are five Pankov families even in my district of Moscow (Yasenevo) and we know nothing about each other! Being geologist I has lived near the Baikal lake in Buryatiya for a two years. And I had no idea that there is Pan'kovka village, populated by Pan'kovs (by the way, native land of general Pan'kov's ancestors) on the shore of Baikal. Pan'kovs live on the famous Deribasovskaya street in Odessa, in Novosibirsk, Perm, Saratov, Kiev, Minsk, in Kazakhstan, Germany, USA. And even in Ledovity ocean there is enigmatic Land of Pan'kov...

Let us to hope that we will create the Pan'kovs community, where many people will find friends and colleagues, will restore family and relatives relationship. I would like to organize meeting of Pan'kovs. We can lease some cafe or restaurant in Moscow, get acquainted, see photographies, exchange of histories... Sometimes I visit different cities and countries (due to my work or on vacation). Our surname is 400 years old. I think that is a good reason. So, write me please.

Sincerely yours,
Vyacheslav (Viatcheslav) Pankov
vpankov @

Some corners of this site (mainly in Russian) :

Journey of the fleet captain Sarychev

In 1758 russian navigator Pan'kov was disembarked on the Lisiyi islands (Fox Islands). Since 1778 Ivan Pan'kov, Aleut Chief of Tigalla Island at the first time was entered the system of writing in Aleutian language and, with Father Veniaminov (Father John Veniaminov, St. Innocent) has translated a part of Bibles into Unangan language.

Pankof (Pan'kov) Cape and Pankov Breaker (54o42' n.l. 163o00' w.l.) were described in 1791 by Admiral G.A.SARYCHEV and named by him in honour of Aleutian leader Sergey Pan'kov. Sergey Pan'kov is known in particular because he was granted with a mink parka (coat) and golden medallion for survey for a fatherland by Catherine the Great. In 2006 I was accidentally met with descendant of Admiral Sarychev. Regrettably, he did not know about history of Pan'kov .

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