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Exotic Dancers

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Lilliputian Theatre

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Conjurers Show

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Exotic Show
Exotic Show

Body Art Show
Bodyart Show

Exotic Show
Exotic Show

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Young Acrobats



Viatcheslav Pankov, 
Project Coordinator

The Concert Agency,
Independent NGO from Russia

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PROGRAM: "PROMOTION OF GIFTED PEOPLE OF RUSSIA - XXI " "Talents need support !!!". Genres of Russian art and some creative groups, represented in an exclusive database of concert agency "TALENTS FOR THE WORLD !" / All performers are professionals, winners of famous international and All-Russia competitions and festivals. You can invite them to go on tour of your region or country!


  • Local/Regional Festivals organization

  • Russian Days in your City

  • Celebrations and parties

  • Shows for cruises

  • International fairs, forums, and exhibitions

  • Club and restaurant events

  • Concerts:

  •    Thematic (classic music, ballet, opera, mini-opera, jazz, blues, 
       brass band, Russian folk, choir, romance, international classics,
       cabaret, ice-ballet, Latin-American dancing, Gipsy, and etc.);

  •    Miscellaneous

  • Shows:

  •    Folklore

  •    Circus

  •    Unique Lilliputian Theatre

  •    Russian Fashion (defile), Children Fashion Theatre

  •    Exotic

  •    Ice ballet

  •    Variety show

  •    Gipsy

  •    Hands Theatre

  •    Jewish Theatre

  •    Puppet-show

  •    Pantomime

  • Combined and other (almost all directions)

We have over 1000 brightest stars for you!


Russian folk show

Dance Show
Shows for kids


We are ready to prepare a special interest program for your events (cruises, restaurant parties, city celebrations, and etc.) to attract more tourists and clients. Just contact us with your proposals E-mail.

Our general terms:

  • paid air tickets
  • paid transfer
  • paid hotel apartments
  • paid props delivery (under agreement)
  • fee (under agreement - depending on the artist level)
  • guaranteed number of concerts
  • bi-lingual contract
  • agreed part prepayment

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