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"Talents need support !!!"

Genres of the Russian art and some creative groups, represented in an exclusive database of concert agency "TALENTS FOR THE WORLD !"

/All performers are professionals, winners of famous international and All-Russia competitions and festivals /

You can invite them to go on tour of your region or country!



* Christmas act "I believe!" (set to the music of the Russian composers of XVII-XIX centuries) is an original performance, a spiritual opera based on the Gospel and lofty orthodox revelations that was blessed by Pope John Paul II and Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.

* Russian and foreign mini-opera of XVIII - XX c. to the music of Pergolesi, Cimarosa, J.S. Bach, Donizetti, Rossini, Rimskiy - Korsakov, Pulenk etc. (is performed in the original language);

* Classical music: masterly soloists (children and adults), chamber and instrumental ensembles;

*StudentsТ chamber orchestra "Korolevsky Dvor" (Royal Court) from the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music);

* Military brass band (its repertory ranges from marches and old waltzes to the compositions of Bach, Beethoven and also popular jazz miniatures);

* Russian ethnic folklore and folklore of other nationalities of Russia /rituals for religious holidays, sacred songs/; modern folklore;

* Old Russian folk songs and dances;

* Popular home and foreign classical music: virtuosos performing on the Russian folk instruments (Russian accordion, balalaika, mandolin, domra, gusli, etc.) their own arrangements for small casts;

* Russian and Gipsy romance as well as songs and dances of gipsy of different countries of the world;

* Choral theatre and children's chamber choirs (spiritual and secular choral classics);

* Academic choir of students of Moscow State Conservatory;

* Jazz, blues (vocal singing and groups of instrumental music); "Blues Hammer Band", "Dixiland of Moscow", choral jazz group "A Capella Express", etc.

* Jazz bass theatre directed by Alexander Rostotsky;

* Pianist or violinist (male or female), pop-music players;

* Male or female singers performing modern restaurant variety repertory in English;

* The Russian "Edith Piaf";

* Vocal and instrumental groups: "Vesyolye rebiata" (Cheerful Guys) - 13 years later..., "Kruiz" (Cruise), У Khoronko OrchestraФ, etc.

* Choreography: show-ballets, ballroom dancing, modern, belly dances, Latin American dances, etc.;

* Professional dances with acrobatics;

* Male mime ballet;

* Classical ice dancing (GofmanТs fairy tales set to the music of Tchaikovsky);

* Unique children and youth studio "PEARLS" performing†acrobatic dances "rubber";

* ћagic ballet "NEFERTITI";

* Moscow show theatre "MAGIC";

* "Eccentric Magic Show" on ice, on arena and on the stage;

* 9-times (!) winner of international competitions, the Big Golden Medal holder awarded in Paris, illusionist Rafael with his followers;

* Unique show - duet offencers;

* "The Theatre of Hands " (2 persons);

* An unusual illusion theatre for children "MOIDODYR"†† (with objects and artist flying in the air);

* Circus arts: an original genre, rubber, clownery, illusionists, monocycle, tightrope walking, conjurers, truck convoy with animals etc.;

* The children's circus (Russia);

* Theatres of full-size puppets;

* "Russian Fashions Theatre" with fashion shows; children's fashions theatres;

* Moscow theatre of variety starsТ doubles. Program "Legends of the 20th century";

* The youth theatre - schools of professional handicapped actors: circus, mimicry and gesture, variety, ballroom dancing of deaf pairs, blind masterly musicians and opera singers etc;

* Magnificent exclusive "THEATRE - CABARET" of young Russian lilliputians;

and many othersЕ


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