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Kazakstan (a song, translated from Unknown)


  • Do you hear the voice of a wilderness steppe?
    Let it help us to weave songs' and words' magic web.

    And above withered grass eagle's cry is so weak,
    Where marmot-sentinel guards his Marmot's Hill Peak.

    And mirages will flow under dead-yellow sun
    Up to trembling skyline in the moveless haze calm.

    Of a sudden you feel in this primeval of World
    You are foreign alien who's forgotten by Lord.

    There are steppes, only steppes for a thousands of miles,
    And a rustle of birchs is like dream that's so nice.

    Just a tempest of dust, just a naked bare sun,
    Just a voice's of steppe, just a voice's of steppe
    Monotonous run...

* * * (translated from and by V.Pankov)


  • Trust me, my friend, the storm be idle,
    It will be Earth-rise show ever,
    And someone's face will be an idol,
    Reviving love to life forever.


В.Севостьянов. История таежной любви.
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